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Apstec To Launch New Product HSS Falcon at ISE

Published on: 2023-09-25

For Immediate Release:

Apstec Systems To Launch Next-Generation Smart Screening Solution Human Security Scanner (HSS) Falcon At International Security Expo in London.

HSS Falcon the first solution able to screen people, their hand-carried bags, and wheeled cabin-sized luggage for explosives delivers a quantum leap in security screening.

Stockholm & London, September 22, 2023. Apstec Systems® (Apstec®) announced today that it will launch its unique new smart screening solution Human Security Scanner (HSS) Falcon at International Security Expo (ISE) The World’s Premier Government and End-User Security Event at London’s Olympia September 26th and 27th. 

“We are delighted to be launching HSS Falcon at ISE.” Said Stephen Cooper, Apstec’s COO. “Organizations and government agencies from around the world have been searching for practical, proportionate and cost effective screening solutions for some time. In HSS Falcon, we are delivering the next-generation screening technology the market has been waiting for; it is cost-effective, deployed in minutes and has the ability to detect threats unlike any other technology.”

Visitors to ISE will have the opportunity to visit Apstec at stand number C40 for demonstrations of the revolutionary new solution. Apstec’s next-generation screening technology, HSS Falcon delivers a quantum leap in security screening as the first solution able to screen people, their hand-carried bags, and wheeled cabin-sized luggage for explosives. The comprehensive, smart, screening solution automatically detects explosives, weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics, and cash on people and in bags.

By streamlining, the process of screening large numbers of people and their belongings using one, non-invasive, high-throughput system, HSS Falcon revolutionizes the screening operations for difficult-to-secure crowded venues such as Mass Transport, Sports Stadia, Major and Outdoor Events as well as Customs and Border Agencies. A highly mobile solution that fits easily and unobtrusively into the customer environment, HSS Falcon can be rapidly deployed for indoor or outdoor use, independent of infrastructure to significantly improve the speed and agility of screening operations.

About Apstec

Apstec develops smart screening technology to detect explosives, weapons and narcotics. Founded by experts at the forefront of Radio Physics, Electronics, Software Engineering, Security Operations and Counter-Terrorism, Apstec is a world-leading innovator in the field of real-time, high-throughput, people screening and automatic threat detection technology. Apstec offers a genuine solution to the challenge of seamlessly screening large numbers of people in real-time. Through extensive experience of working with clients and authorities, we have developed our portfolio of complementary products Human Security Radar and Human Security Scanner. We continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries of high-throughput screening and smart detection solutions to reliably detect a wide range of items, minimize disruption and provide a better and more cost-effective screening experience.

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