• High-Throughput (3000 people an hour)
  • Automatic Detection of Explosives, Weapons, Pyrotechnics, Narcotics & Cash
  • Increases Speed & Agility
  • Highly Mobile, Rapid Deployment, Indoor / Outdoor
  • Sophisticated Monitoring, Management & Reporting
  • Streamlines Operations, Reduces Complexity & Costs

Organizations and government agencies from around the world have been searching for practical, proportionate and cost-effective screening solutions for some time. Building upon years of operational experience with its pioneering Human Security Radar, Apstec Systems has developed a new and unique solution specifically to meet this need – Human Security Scanner Falcon (HSS Falcon).

Revolutionary Solution

Apstec’s next-generation screening technology, Human Security Scanner (HSS) Falcon delivers a quantum leap in security screening as the first solution able to screen people, their hand-carried bags, and wheeled cabin-sized luggage for explosives. The comprehensive, smart solution uniquely detects explosives, weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics, and cash on people and in bags.
Using a unique combination of detection technologies and sophisticated algorithms, HSS recognizes a wide spectrum of threats to provide a higher degree of security assurance. In contrast to walk through metal detectors and weapon detection systems, HSS is NOT dependant on metallic content to detect threats such as low metallic or non-metallic IEDs.

One Comprehensive, Smart Solution for People and Bags

The system’s breakthrough ability to screen hand carried and body worn bags as well as people for multiple threats and substances enables customers to streamline their security technology deployments while providing a seamless security experience for visitors, staff and the public. Highly mobile, HSS is designed for rapid installation, relocation or removal and can be installed indoors or in the open air independent of infrastructure. A cost-effective solution, deployed in minutes, with the ability to detect threats unlike any other technology, HSS enables organizations to significantly elevate their screening operations providing paramount security assurance, exceptional agility and a superior screening experience.

HSS Highlights

  • High throughput – 3000 people per hour per unit
  • Real-time, Automatic Detection of Explosives, Weapons, Pyrotechnics, Narcotics & Cash
  • Small footprint suitable for free standing, indoor or outdoor deployment
  • Superior screening experience with faster access and less hassle for visitors and staff
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Full body screening
  • Screens hand carried or body worn bags and cabin-sized wheeled luggage

Customer Applications

  • Sports stadia
  • Entertainment venues
  • Outdoor & major events
  • Mass transport hubs & networks
  • Customs & border agencies
  • Customers that require a high degree of mobility
  • Customers with special constraints that require a small footprint