Secure your location with Apstec®’s cutting-edge HSR™ technology

Exceptional Accuracy

Unparalleled High Throughput

Real Time / Free Flow

Automatic Threat Recognition

Integration Ready


Seamlessly secure vulnerable crowded places

HSR™ has been specifically designed to protect crowded places, and screens multiple people at the same time, without the need to empty pockets or remove coats, making it highly efficient. It allows the free flow of people, ensuing there is no disruption, and improves security while at the same time improving the entire security experience. HSR™ uniquely combines unparalleled high throughput, speed and accuracy to deliver the most effective mass people screening solution on the global market

Detect threats automatically and in real time

HSR™ automatically detects concealed firearms and explosives on the person and in body worn or carried backpacks, and identifies the threat, and its exact location, in real time, making it easy for security intervention. Alerts are relayed to a responder app which shows the image of the suspect along with the location of the firearm and/opr explosive device.


A proven innovative solution

HSR™ is backed by years of rigorous research and development by leading experts at the forefront of radiophysics, electronics, software engineering, security operations and counter-terrorism. Since its inception, HSR™ has undergone numerous successful trials with leading national police forces, government agencies and counter-terrorist organisations.

HSR™ can be used to secure
crowded public places




Critical Infrastructure 


Mass Transit Hubs


Sporting Events


Conferences and Exhibitions


Museums and Galleries


Shopping Malls and Office Buildings


Places of Worship


Trains and Cruise Ships


Security Checkpoints


Features and benefits

High throughput
Each portal has the capacity to scan up to 10,000 people per hour and multiple people simultaneously.
Automatic threat recognition
Automatically detects threats without the need for an operator.
People walk through the system at a normal pace without having to stop and wait.
Low false
alarm rate
Maintain a minimal impact on traffic flow.
Multiple target detection
Detect and tract multiple threats simultaneously.
Covert or overt deployments
Use effectively whether visible or hidden.
Easy integration with existing systems.
Integrate with control room systems, CCTV, facial recognition, and other security infrastructure.
No privacy
No privacy issues.
Detect threats without the need for physical screening methods.

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