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Apstec Systems Sponsors Day 3 of International Security Week; Apstec’s COO Stephen Cooper to Present Thought Leadership Session On Security Screening in the Post Pandemic Era.

Published on: 2020-11-25

24 November, 2020, Apstec Systems® (Apstec®) is delighted to be the sole Day 3 Sponsor of International Security Week an innovative 4 day virtual event taking place the 30th of November through the 3rd of December 2020 produced by Nineteen Group, organisers of the award winning International Security Expo (ISE). 

Recent terror attacks in Europe and the Middle East are a timely reminder that terrorism has not gone away, even during the global pandemic. As part of its continued support to countering terrorism, Apstec is looking forward to joining the security community during IS Week to explore how the pandemic has impacted security screening protecting crowded places and what that means for the future.

On December 2nd (Day 3 of International Security Week) Stephen Cooper OBE, Apstec’s Chief Operating Officer will be presenting a compelling session on the topic of Security Screening in the Post Pandemic Era.

The Coronavirus pandemic may become an irresistible catalyst for change in security screening. Implementing traditional security measures largely based on aviation security requirements was a natural response to the threats posed by the terrorist attacks of the early 2000s but they resulted in unintended consequences when applied to crowded public places. Queues to enter venues grew, the degree of disruption was significant and the quality of the experience of attending events deteriorated.

It is clear to most people that such traditional security screening approaches are not appropriate in a world where we are at risk of widespread infectious disease. By implementing innovative approaches to security screening that feature high throughput, that have no queues, minimise contact between people and allow for social distancing, organizations can mitigate health risks while at the same time improving the overall the security screening experience.

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