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Published on: 2020-04-16

Vnukovo International Airport, together with the federal power structures of the Russian Federation, has launched the operation of the new ultra-modern public security system HUMAN SECURITY RADAR (HSR).

This fully automatic system is designed for effective real-time screening of passengers without disrupting the people flow. Functioning in real time, HSR analyzes the data obtained at the time people pass through the inspection area, determines the presence of a potentially dangerous object and its position on the human body and immediately alerts the security personnel about the detected threat. The alarm received from the HUMAN SECURITY RADAR system contains a photograph of the carrier of a detected potentially dangerous object with an indication of the location of this object on the body.

The HSR system is not considered as an alternative to the search methods used today at Vnukovo Airport, but as a new, high-tech tool for early stage automatic detection and identification of threats, designed to increase the level of passenger safety.

Vnukovo International Airport is one of the largest air transport complexes in Russia. Annually, about 200 thousand flights of Russian and foreign airlines are served at the airport. The route network of the airport covers the entire territory of Russia, as well as neighboring countries, Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In 2019, Vnukovo International Airport broke a historical record and served more than 24 million passengers, which is 11.7% or 2.5 million more than in 2018.

The Vnukovo airport complex with a total area of about 300 thousand square meters is able to provide a capacity of up to 35 million passengers per year.

Vnukovo International Airport, solely among the airports of Russia, has a Letter of Gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin for the achievement of labor successes and high performance in professional activities.

In addition, for three consecutive years Vnukovo Airport was recognized as the best airport in the highest category “International Airport” of the Russian Air Gate national award in the framework of the National Civil Aviation Infrastructure Exhibition NAIS. 

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