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HUMAN SECURITY RADAR® Selected to Enhance Land Side Security and Passenger Experience at BRUSSELS SOUTH CHARLEROI AIRPORT

Published on: 2019-11-19

19 November, 2019,  – today Apstec Systems® (Apstec®) announces that its innovative solution  Human Security Radar® (HSR), the first fully automatic real-time mass people screening solution that protects public places from terrorist attacks has been selected for deployment at BRUSSELS SOUTH CHARLEROI AIRPORT to enhance security and passenger experience at the landside of terminal entrances. 

At entrances to airport terminals, using traditional checkpoint security processes that scan one individual at a time, is often impractical, inconvenient, unreliable, and expensive to operate. In addition, it can cause secondary vulnerabilities by creating lines outside the entrance. As a result, security at terminal entrances has historically been limited or non-existent, and time and time again has failed to act as a deterrent for terrorists.

BRUSSELS SOUTH CHARLEROI AIRPORT S.A. (BSCA), the second airport serving the city of Brussels, offers access to more than 190 destinations, departing from a quick, easily accessible platform. With considerable operational experience under its belt, the airport has been rewarded on multiple occasions for its punctuality and the quality of the services it offers.

The visionary security team at BSCA wanted to be able to deliver a specific level of screening to all people entering the landslide of the airport in order to provide the best possible experience to passengers whilst maximising their security effect for the Airport. After a review of potential solutions, BSCA engaged Apstec Systems in an extensive pilot of HSR to evaluate the solution’s capability to screen high volumes of people without undue disruption or delay and assess any impact on airport operations.   

HSR is a fully automatic walkthrough system that uniquely combines unparalleled high throughput, speed and accuracy to deliver the most effective solution for mass people screening on the global market. It uses centimeter wave and other technologies combined with sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to discriminate explosives and weapons from benign materials, with a high degree of accuracy. 

HSR supports a wide security concept, ensuring that passengers and people entering BSCA are effectively screened for possible terrorist threats to the land side of the airport.  In addition to improving the security experience of people entering the airport one of the outcomes of the pilot project was that security staff had a positive experience working with the system and felt it helped them be more effective.

Frédéric Gaillard, Security Director of BSCA said, “As an organization we are committed to giving travellers the best possible service.  We embrace innovation and deploy new technology when appropriate to support this goal.  After extensive operational testing we have decided to deploy HSR at the terminal entrance.  We are very pleased with HSR’s ability to meet our requirement to screen people entering the terminal to enhance security whilst at the same time improving the traveller’s experience at Brussels South Charleroi Airport” 

Asptec’s COO Stephen Cooper, OBE said, “We are delighted that BSCA have chosen to deploy HSR as part of their innovative security approach the landside terminal areas.  By seamlessly screening people for threat items at the entry into the terminal without undue delay or disruption HSR can enhance airport security and at same time have a positive effect on airport operations and the entire passenger experience.”

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